DG: Cookeville Alumnae Association





-President- Candice Bean Thurman
-Vice President- Tammie Reecer Horacher
-Treasurer- Jessica Ward Lindner
-Secretary- Crystal Bishop


-Help the Cookeville Alumnae Association support Epsilon Epsilon - Tennessee Tech and our philanthropy, Service for Sight, by purchasing a reusable Kroger Cares card! Simply by shopping at Kroger and using your Kroger Cares card for your purchase, you are helping others to see!

-Contact Candice Bean Thurman for more information about this fun and EASY way to support the Delta Gamma Foundation today!

-We are still accepting Campbell's soup labels! Please send any labels that you have to the vice president, Tammie Reecer Horacher. (Please email for Tammie's info.) Not sure how the Campbell's soup label program works? Visit www.labelsforeducation.com. There you can find which product labels can be used for this program.

-Delta Gamma is now accepting Boxtops for education! Tammie Reecer Horacher collects these as well. Visit www.boxtops4education.com to find out which products have "boxtops" on them.

-Want to join the Cookeville Alumnae Association? Well, you're in luck because we're always looking for new faces to add to our group. Did you know that most of our members live more than an hour away from Cookeville? We don't let geography stop us- that's why we frequently have dinner meetings and shopping outings in both Knoxville and Nashville to cater to all of the members of our association. Annual dues are $30, which covers the cost of your annual per capita dues. Contact us to learn more about joining our friendly crew! Don't want to wait? Email our treasurer for information on where to send your dues today!

-Do you have an announcement or event that you'd like posted to this site? Please contact the webmaster, Allison Michelena.

Alumnae at Founder's Day 2010